If you are working with us, it means you are going through a difficult time in your life.  Our goal is provide you with relief, not to make your burdens heavier.  Here are a few things you can count on when working with us:


  1. to talk to Dathan whenever you have questions.
  2. to a clear plain-language answer to any question you ask us.
  3. to privacy. Anything you tell us is in strict confidence and is protected by law.
  4. to understand the legal process and why each step is being taken.
  5. to know the fees you are being charged and why.
  6. to accept any offer in your case.
  7. to refuse any offer in your case.
  8. to know how much of the offer from an injury case you will receive after fees, medical bills, taxes, and expenses before you accept an offer.
  9. to know why we are asking for information you may not want to share. We’ll never ask you for information unless we need it to help you.
  10. to see and review all information we have about your case. 
  11. to switch attorneys at any time if we are no longer the right attorney for you.
  12. to expect your case is the priority to us that it is to you.