Even when the government is involved, you still deserve compensation.

Many of the places we go and the spaces we inhabit each day are owned by the federal government and operated by its employees. If the negligent on-the-job behavior of a federal employee causes another person physical injury, loss of life, or property damage, the victim has the right to seek restitution from the government under the Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946.  

The Federal Torts Claims Act was created to help compensate those who have suffered from wrongful actions of the United States government and their employees. 

Examples of claims that can be brought against the United States can include:

  • Medical malpractice at a military/VA hospital
  • Birth injury at a military/VA hospital
  • Misdiagnosis at a military/VA hospital
  • Car accidents caused by an on-duty federal employee
  • Slip and fall at a federal building

Errors amounting to medical malpractice can and do happen at even the best of health treatment facilities, including military and VA health centers. The difference is that when pursuing a claim for malpractice occurring at a VA health facility, claims for medical malpractice committed at a VA health center must be filed against the United States.  This is also true for car accidents caused by federal employees acting within the scope of their employment, and cases of slips and falls at a federal building.  These accidents can lead to painful injuries and expensive medical bills. 

If you have been injured by the United States government, you need to call a lawyer today to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

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