Injuries can happen anywhere, but that doesn't mean those at fault shouldn't be held accountable.

Employees and consumers face real consequences due to the negligence of others in premises injuries. Many victims are often hesitant to act, believing their injury may be the result of irresponsibility. Be skeptical and critical. It is not always as obvious as it may seem. 

Injuries can be caused by a variety of factors including:

  • Leaks and spills

  • Cracked concrete

  • Unexpected holes on the property

  • Dangerous construction

  • Violations of building codes

  • Defective steps and stairways

  • Falling merchandise

  • Inadequate outdoor lighting

  • Inadequate security

Always consider why your injury happened. Retail stores have bright, colorful displays expertly engineered to draw your attention away from your surroundings. Work environments often skimp on funding building repairs or ignore safety precautions that eventually lead to slip and fall injuries. Construction sites are home to countless injuries every year.

It is this lack of care that leads to countless Premises injuries every year.

Common injuries of premises incidents include serious wrist injuries, back and spinal injuries, brain trauma, broken bones, concussions, facial and head injuries, herniated discs, hip fractures, inflamed tendons, sprains, and torn ligaments. These injuries have very real costs, too. In conjunction with the intense pain of the injuries themselves, you or your loved ones can face loss of income, heavy medical costs, psychological trauma, and permanent disability. 

New Mexico has laws that require landowners, business owners, and homeowners to maintain their property so that their property does not present risk of harm to others. If your injuries were the result of someone else's negligence, you have a right to compensation for the consequences of their action.