Changing A Family Is Never Easy.

You've probably heard it said, and in our experience it is true: Divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can endure.  Regardless of whether it was coming for a long time or if you feel like someone pulled the rug out from underneath you, you will probably react to the divorce in ways you did not imagine.  Hiring the right attorney is critical to keep you focused on what is important and get you and your family prepared for the new reality.

When divorces are prolonged, only the attorneys win. Do not let an attorney take advantage of your fear and charge you unnecessary fees.  Call us and we will explain how we keep your costs reasonable while still accomplishing goals.

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Children First, Assets Second.

When it feels like your home is going to pieces, we help keep it from falling apart.

Most people want what is best for their kids.  At the same time, parents will always differ about the raising of their children.  Sometimes a parent loses sight of what his or her children really need.  If the other parent of your children is failing to meet his or her obligations, including child support, get the help of an attorney to get them back on track and prioritizing the needs.